Chili Cook-Off

Chili Cook-Off  —  Get Your Spoons Ready!!

September 22, 2018 @ 6:00 PM

It’s time, once again, for the annual GHCC Chili Cook-Off and this year there will be some very serious competition. Of course, our three-time champions, North Kitsap Puget Sound Anglers, will be there to defend their honor (as if they had any) and a new challenger, North Kitsap Fire and Rescue, will be there to try to knock them off their throne. Along with NKPSA and NKF&R will be teams from Hansville Helping Hands, Eglon Improvement Club, and from GHCC (Greater Hansville Community Center) all of whom have vowed to give them some good competition. There should be some real trash talkin’ this year with plenty of good-natured banter going back and forth between all the teams.

As always, you, the audience, vote for your favorite chili with cash donations in the appropriate jar. Feel free to vote as often as you want. This year all the votes (cash & checks) are going to a very special project that is the brain child of the NKPSA gang. It’s called the “Legacy Project” and is aimed at enhancing salmon runs in our local waters. The project is no flash in the pan idea, it will take years to get all the pieces in place and even more years to see the results return to our waters. The goal is to introduce 30,000 to 40,000 locally raised and imprinted salmon fingerlings annually that will return to our area for years to come benefiting the entire community.

So come on out and sample some wonderful dishes and vote for your favorite chili and team. With a program like the Legacy Project, everybody wins!! Questions? Contact Chuck Strahm