Help Wanted

Volunteer OpportunitiesThe Greater Hansville Community Center relies on volunteers for all of the events and activities that happen throughout the year. Specific opportunities for volunteers are described below, along with contact information to allow you to find out more. If you would like to share your name and contact information with the Coordinator of Volunteers, Please go to the Contact Us Tab on the Main Menu above to send an email beginning with the word Volunteer.

Events:  A great way to meet people and help your community center is to get involved with any one or more of the events scheduled each year at GHCC.  Typically we need a small group of helpers to set up tables, chairs or decorations for an event; we also need a small crew of workers to help take down the tables, chairs and decorations after an event; in the middle we need people to help put on the event.  If you can participate for an hour or two on any one of these three phases, just pick the event and send us an email message or a contact the GHCC president.  We will will be very grateful for your help. And you will have a good time. Check the Events Menu on this webpage for more information about upcoming events.

Rummage Sale Activities:  The annual rummage sale is the major source of funds that supports all of our activities.  Please consider helping us in any way that makes sense to you.  Click here to learn more about Volunteering for the Rummage Sale.

Maintenance: GHCC is looking for a few good people to serve on the building maintenance committee. The committee identifies and looks after the needs of the buildings and performs routine maintenance jobs to keep our assets working and looking good. We have a list of projects, including touch up painting inside and out, cleaning up the annex to make it more efficient and a few other small tasks. If you could spare a couple of hours now and then we can use your help. No long term commitment is expected for anyone willing to help now and then. You can contact Chuck Strahm to sign up or discuss your questions and our needs, or send us an email as described above.