Rummage Sale -Invitation To Participate

The Greater Hansville Annual Rummage Sale 2017 needs volunteers in any and all aspects of making this important event actually happen.  Please look below to find ways that you can help. The annual sale at Buck Lake Park will be held on Aug 12, and Aug 13, 2017. Preparations and cleanup activities will span the dates from July 30 through August 15, 2017. Helpers, new and experienced, are invited to help to make the Rummage Sale successful. Opportunity for each day is listed below. Contact us and or just show up!

The following is a detailed list of activities by date, with starred (*) items having County involvement or scheduling:

Tues Aug 1

Move handicap parking

Main hall setup tables, store piano TV and hangers

Sweep annex, add skirting around tables

Remove setup items from annex overhead

Wed Aug 2

Move dumpsters * (County handles this task)

Use leaf blower to clean dumpster area

Bring tents to Community Center

Start tent setup involving north half of parking lot

Thurs Aug 3

Set up outside tables and peg board

Continue tent setup

Fri Aug 4

Put up plastic fencing

Bring up bins and items from boathouse

Continue department setup ( Approx. 30 helpers each day through Aug 11)

Begin locking park gates during hours of darkness*

(2 people stay on site until dusk when lockup occurs)


Fri Aug 11

Reserve picnic shelter for lunch* (County notified)

Removal of bollard and unlock gate from parking lot to ball field* (County activity)

Sat Aug 12

Reserve picnic shelter and ball field* (Parking Crew # )

Sale activities are from 7 am until 4 pm (need 35 – 40 helpers)

Sun Aug 13

Reserve picnic shelter and ball field* (Parking Crew # )

Sale activities from 9 am until 1 pm (need 35 – 40 helpers)

Mon Aug 14

Begin tents take down (need 35 – 40 helpers))

Last night of locking gates*

Tues Aug 15 Continue clean up (Approx. 30 helpers)

Wed Aug 16 Relocate dumpsters* (County handles this activity)

Please contact Connie Gordon at 360-271-6166 with any questions or concerns.